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We’re inside a book!

Our good friend, speaker, and all-around brilliant human being Erwin McManus just wrote a new book called “Wide Awake” all about following your dreams and realizing that “it’s time to live, to create, to imagine, to dream…”

Erwin was a big part of our story (he actually fed us steak and let us sleep in his kids room one night because we were homeless when we first moved to LA) and he wanted to feature our story that led to the creation of [city of others]

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What do you do for COO?

Daniel Corrigan, friend, savant, COOvangelist, and general art-man strikes again in leading the COO revolution.

He got out the ‘ol finger paints to rock the [city] colours on the walls of CalArt in Valencia, CA

What do you do for COO?

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Invisible Children roadies rockin’ COO

We love what Invisible Children is doing to stop the war in Northern Uganda and in educating the youth of our country. IC just sent out 60 “Roadies” whose job is to drive around the country showing the newest film that documents the awful conflict in Uganda. [city of others] made a custom black jean just for the Roadies because we believe in what they are doing and the power of sparking a movement through our young and creative generation.

Here’s some of the Roadies the day they left with their new jeans

Watch this video to see what being a roadie is all about:

The Roadies have a blog that you can check out here to see what they’re up to.

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[mini-doc] meet James the Jawmaker

Steve and i just got back from a trip to NYC, we met our new friend James at a roof-top Yeasayer show. He is a rad kid from Williamsburg who makes shirts under the name Jawmaker and sells them Thursday’s and Sunday’s in Union Square.

Watch the doc…meet our new friend….buy a shirt (i bought two!)

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