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[city of others] is a premium denim brand from Los Angeles that believes in the power of community and sharing the collective voice of our generation.

We are a community of youthful, global citizens who share a love for denim, art, music, culture, and people.

[others] are students, artists, musicians, and culture impacting individuals with dreams of making their mark. Whether it’s their city, campus, country or even the world, [others] are aware of the importance of being an active part of the community around them.

We want to serve you by offering the best value in the premium denim market. We want to lead by example in turning our concern about global issues into action and empowering you to do the same, and we believe all this can be accomplished through connecting you to an authentic community worth joining.

[ ] What’s up with the square brackets?
We chose this as our logo because it gives us a way to frame the things that are important or inspiring to us. So when you see pictures of our brackets around a group of friends, a vintage find, inspiring art, a community need, or even a sketchy old RV; instantly all those things become an attribute of what makes up the [city of others]