Is Venice A Good Place For Budget Travelers?

Can budget travelers afford to visit Venice?

Italy hold such a historic appeal to all travelers. It is the home of the great Roman Empire, and the great rulers and emperors that the world has heard of or read about as well as the Vatican City that houses the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church. Today it is a very common tourist destination for these reasons and more. Italy is known for exotic weather and glorious beaches among other things that draw tourist today. As much as we may all be keen to see the world, the cost can stand in the way of this. This article will explore whether budget travelers can afford to visit Venice. Without knowledge of the city, you can burn a hole in your wallet. So, if you are planning to visit Venice, you are reading the right article, read on.

There are various factors that all tourists will save money on if they know how to, these include food, accommodation, travel and among other things.


Like most parts of Italy Venice is filled with a wide range of food outlets, and other Italian themed snack bars. It can save you a fortune if you pick up a few of these snacks along the way instead of having to pay for meal in a restaurant. You can always visit restaurants when you get back home. Mercato del Rialto is an open market in Venice. If you have kitchen facilities wherever you will be staying while in Venice, picking up some food from the traders in this market can also save you a lump sum.


They say the true charm of Venice is in its waters. If you choose not to miss out on this experience, you may also want to get on the waterbus, and not a private boat. Doing this will save you over three quarters of the potential fee of a private boat. While on land, you can hire a bike for as little as €5 for the day. You can also make use of the local bus service, which is relatively reliable and most importantly very affordable.


Where you go will determine how much you spend in Venice. Most tourist areas are priced for tourism. You need to shy away from this, blend in with the local and have an authentic Venice experience. Wander into local bars and enjoy cheap authentic Italian drinks and their amazing hospitality. Spend some time going through the different markets, tasting local cuisine.


Now that you have had all the fun in the world, you may need to start considering where to lay your head. Venice tourist areas can be very expensive. It is wiser to start planning ahead, look into house share, couch rental, maybe a hostel (venice hostels) and camping websites. Not only do these allow you to meet great people, local and visitors who you would not ordinarily meet in a 5 star hotel. There are various camping sites within reasonable proximity to the beach. These are worth looking into. Otherwise, enjoy Venice.