A Look at Effective Telemarketing Software for Windows

A Look at Effective Telemarketing Software for Windows

In today’s technology influenced world, almost everyone owns a computer. It is estimated that nearly eighty or ninety percent of these computers are equipped with the Windows operating system from Microsoft. With this in mind, software developers specifically seek out to develop software, which is compatible with this operating system. While this is definitely a good thing for Windows users, it can also create a bit of confusion, when attempting to find the best software for a specific purpose. In fact, trying to find the best telemarketing software for Windows can be rather difficult, since the selection is so wide. Thankfully, there is one software, which stands above the rest.

What to Know

When it comes to telemarketing software, it is important to choose one that will perfect and improve your company’s overall telemarketing campaign. If you’re currently using some type of software, it is wise to examine the features that you like and choose software, with similar features. Of course, you will want to make sure to select software, which is capable of managing all aspects of your call center, including incoming and outgoing calls. While narrowing down your options, it is wise to add the Call Center Now software to your list of potential purchases.

Predictive Dialing Made Easy

In the past, telemarketing was an unpredictable venture, which turned out to be hit or miss. Although it can still be a risky endeavor, the process can be much more efficient thanks to software, which offers predictive dialing. This software is capable of performing tests on specific campaigns, in order to determine the overall effectiveness of each. Once this is done, the software will be able to tell you, whether or not a campaign is worth running. With this in mind, you will have the ability to activate and deactivate campaigns. This will help you avoid running campaigns, which will result in limited success.

Interactive Voice Response System

The Call Center Now is equipped with a very comprehensive interactive voice response system, which can free up your agents, by performing a number of actions in a computerized manner. This system is capable of processing caller’s responses either by voice or through dual-tone multi-frequencies. This specific system can be used to create a variety of helpful applications, which can speed up the process of helping your customers or accepting orders. For instance, you can set up your IVR, as a way to provide your customers with information about their account or allow them to answer survey information.

Improved Results with Progressive Dialing

Before you place a call, it is extremely helpful to gather, as much information, as possible. This will help you get on a personal level with the potential customer or client. With the software’s progressive dialing feature, it is possible for agents to recover and review client information, before following through with the call. This will help to ensure that the agent is capable of pronouncing the individual’s name. Remember that a mispronounced name can always result in a hang up.