Month: October 2008

Finally, the Spring/Summer ‘09 campaign is here!

So we’ve been patiently waiting for the day to reveal our newest campaign to all of you….and that day is today.

“in a FAST PACED WORLD” is the theme for our Spring/Summer 2009 campaign. We were inspired by the idea of [others] who are living, working, breathing in our fast world yet they are somehow existing at a different speed. We like people who take time to slow down in our superfastechnologicrazy world….people who make art, use pencils, typewriters, ride bikes, sit in parks, sip their drinks slow and watch the rest of the world go by.

Take a look through the campaign images, we think they’re amazing, and comment back to let us know what you think of the campaign, we’d love to hear your thoughts. Also check out the amazing work of our friend Peter Dawson who shot the whole campaign here

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Jason and Laren from Invisible Children visit COO HQ

Steve and I met up with Jason and Laren, two of the three who started Invisible Children, for some breakfast and hang-out time.  By the simple act of telling a story that gripped them they have transformed the youth of America into a fund-raising, world-changing force.

They stopped by the [city of others] HQ out in LA and left rockin’ a pair of jeans each. Here we are, best buds in a classic jump shot:

Check out the screening schedule here because IC is probably going through your city and your school.

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We’re inside a book!

Our good friend, speaker, and all-around brilliant human being Erwin McManus just wrote a new book called “Wide Awake” all about following your dreams and realizing that “it’s time to live, to create, to imagine, to dream…”

Erwin was a big part of our story (he actually fed us steak and let us sleep in his kids room one night because we were homeless when we first moved to LA) and he wanted to feature our story that led to the creation of [city of others]

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